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About Healing Fairies

Julie Pencall aka. 'The Fairy Lady' is a lifelong whimsical artist of fantasy, spirits, fairies and fun. 


Her work is 100% handmade. The figures and pendants are made of Polymer Clay and the fairy houses are made out of branches of mainly Creosote bush from the desert and other varieties mixed in as well. Adorned with beads and bobbles, fashion as only a woodland spirit would. Julie always keeps a fairy view when building her creations.


Creative History

Julie has been an artist from very young. Actually since her mom handed her a ball point Shaffer Pen and an envelope to keep busy. She have been an illustrator, cartoonist all her life and into her adult life doing all that and freelancing graphics. Julie has illustrated books and a card game that taught a second language and received a parents choice award for that.  After years working for corporations, she was tired of constant layoffs, so she turned completely around and started making hand made fairy art and traveling and selling wares, as an artisan merchant. She has never looked back...


Going on 12 year now, it hasn't been easy. Julie started at renaissance fairs, pirate fairs, fantasy, and now steampunk art shows and events. When she's at steampunk events she totes her "Lost Travelers" figures, otherwise she is traditionally 'The Fairy Lady'.

Contact Me

Have a special project in mind? Need a custom fairy house made? Have a fairy with specific colors you would like? Custom gift for a loved one? 

Please let us know below your wants & needs. We'll be in contact with you within 48 hours to discuss the project and turn around times. 

Thanks for submitting!



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